• A Building Tradition

    The FOURTH Oldest Business in Kentucky

    In 1869 the founders of Ruby Concrete Company began doing business in Madisonville, KY.  Today, it is the oldest business in Western Kentucky. ...

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  • Established in 1869

    by John Ruby

    John Ruby learned that the railroad was coming through Madisonville, and he secured a contract to make all of the ties to lay the track opening up a General Store "Ruby Lumber Company".

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  • Beautiful Landscaping,

    Retaining Walls, Concrete Pavers, & More

    We carry everything you need for creating beautiful landscaping features from a Serenity Path to a beautiful segmental retaining wall.  Talk to our team of professionals today.

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    Concrete Blocks, Brick, Masonary Products

    Ruby Concrete Concrete Colored Block offers beauty and functionality to enhance any project. 

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About Us


MORTAR  Ruby Concrete Company sells two of the most trusted brands of mortar on the market today.  Brixment and Kosmortar are the mason's choice because of strength, quality, and consistency.  For small to medium size jobs the mortar is provided in standard bags.  For large jobs the mortar is available in super sacks to make it more convenient for the mason.

Every job is designed differently and colors can make a project come alive.  Both brands of mortar provided by Ruby Concrete offer a rainbow of color options integrated into the mortar.  So if the customer does not like standard gray; then buff, red, yellow, charcoal, or some other tint may be more appealing.

Finally, some masonry walls are designed to keep moisture out.  The mortar is an integral part of that effort and Ruby Concrete Company provides a blend of mortar with water repellent admixture already mixed in.  This assures a correct ratio of water repellent with each batch of mortar and maintains the integrity of the wall.  When it comes to mortar, Ruby Concrete Company provides the best!

STEEL DOORS, FRAMES, AND HARDWARE  Ruby Concrete Company provides more than masonry materials.  The company has been selling commercial steel doors, frames, and hardware for decades.  Whether the project is a single door and frame or a stunning storefront; Ruby Concrete Company can supply the need.  Steelcraft, Ceco, or other major brands are available.  And if the entry application is non-standard; Ruby Concrete Company can supply a custom made door that meets your specifications.

SAND, TOOLS, SEALERS, CAULKS, AND MASONRY CLEANERS When it comes to building products and tools, Ruby Concrete Company carries the best materials.   Masons require high quality fine sand and Ruby's is second to none in in delivering the highest quality product.  The graduation is tightly monitored and the product can be supplied in bag or bulk.  

Welders, metal finishers, and stone workers use Ruby Concrete Company's sand for sandblasting.  The crystal sand is used for fine application and the Black Beauty medium grade sand is for more course requirements.

Ruby Concrete Company in Madisonville also supplies the tools to get a variety of construction work done.  Top quality tools manufactured by Marshalltown, Bon, Rose, Crick, Craftsmen's, Target, and more are staples of Ruby's tool line.  Typical tools include trowels, pointers, floats, shovels, bull floats, screeds, levels, blades, edgers, brooms, brushes, tool bags, and more.   Because Ruby concrete has been around so long, we have access to many lines and tools that other suppliers can't access.

Once the structure is built, it will need to be cleaned and sealed.  Prosoco's 600 detergent is the best masonry cleaner on the market.   Ruby Concrete Company supplies it in both the gallon and five gallon containers.

Ruby Concrete Company also supplies commercial grade caulks such as NP-1 and TX-1 for vertical applications and SL-1 for horizontal work.  These sealants are tough and hold up to a variety of environmental exposure plus wear and tear.

To seal concrete flatwork, Ruby Concrete Company sells BASF products including Kure-N-Seal, and Kure-N-Harden as well as Perk's Black Bull.  For vertical walls, Enviroseal products are available in different formulations that are targeted for specific wall types and applications.

The list can continue, but when it comes to construction products and tools, Ruby Concrete Company knows about it, has it, or can get it which is why we have stayed in business so long.   

Ruby Concrete Company with more than 140 years experience in the construction industry providing concrete block, stone, brick, landscaping blocks and pavers for residential and commercial customers.  Talk to our professionals about specialty colored block or masonry questions today. 

Ruby Concrete Company located in Madisonville Kentucky:  Contact Us Now  |  Call: 1-270-821-3870